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Oct 31, 2012 4:30am PDT
there because the bridge to the island has been washed out by superstorm sandy. the fire is burning out of control. you can see that in multiple spots. stay with the morning news, coming up we go live too new york city for an update on the recovery efforts following sandy's landfall. >> back in the bay area, standoff in santa clara between suspected bank robber and police s.w.a.t. team ended in the best possible way, the suspect surrendered it happened at an apartment complex 3:00 yesterday afternoon. police say they tracked the man from a bank robbery in san jose to one of the apartments in the complex. s.w.a.t. team was called if and managed to talk the man into giving up. >> they will have two-way dialogue until he surrendered. >> with the suspect in custody, six families who were evacuated were able to return home. >>> contra costa county sheriff's office investigating the death of a man in their custody after he was tased. the death forced officials to close the jail for five hours. deputies were taking a 58-year-old man to a holding cell when they say he became combative. they use
Oct 30, 2012 4:30am PDT
are on time. >>> here's more on superstorm sandy has left 16 dead. president obama has declared new york and long island federal disaster areas to allow them to access federal funding. 7 1/2 million are without power. travel disrupted with hundreds of flights and amtrak service cancelled along the eastern seaboard and wall street is shutdown. >>> growing outrage online in response to an american apparel ad promoting hurricane sandy sale. the company is offering 20% to people in 10 states hardest hit by sandy. hundreds tweeting against the company saying it is trying to profit from a disaster. >> here's why they call sandy a superstorm not just wind, rain and flooding, some places are getting blanketed in snow. this is beach mountain north carolina where students at appalachian state university are bundled up for winter a shock considering they were wearing shorts last week. some schools in the region have declared a snow day today. >> >> the red cross is making an appeal for help for victims of the storm. it needs blood donations. the storm has forced the red cross to cancel 100 blood d
Nov 1, 2012 4:30am PDT
sandy. many of new york city subways began roll this morning, three days after superstorm sandy. damaged parts of the subway are running again, officials say these still won't be much service to downtown manhattan where the tunnels are still flooded in new jersey the storm damaged or destroyed nearly all the homes in wealthy enclaves. some are still stranded in hoboken. the storm killedcvr( more than 0 people and left millions without power in the eastern u.s.. katie marzullo will have an update on the east coast storm damage in the next half hour. she is gathering that information. still, millions don't have power, don't have a way to get a hot meal. >> in contrast our weather not so bad. we have rain overnight which can make for tough driving. >> let's check in with mike. >>> live doppler, good morning that wet weather we talked about is still lingering for this morning's commute. north bay starting to clear out doppler spinning there showing most of the radar returns to the south. let's take a round robin first in the south bay you can see foothill boulevard, prospect road, we are sta
Nov 2, 2012 4:30am PDT
] >>> the jobs report and the federal response to superstorm sandy can impact the presidential election. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: one thing for sure, president obama and mitt romney are full speed ahead in the battleground states seeking out undecided voters. president obama was in boulder, colorado yesterday. today he has three campaign events in ohio. he will be anxious to hear the jobs report. political expert telling the san francisco gate if the unemployment rate stays below 8% he believes voters will slug it off. any increase would mean president obama would -- face voters with the highest rate since roosevelt if the rate is above 8%, mitt romney is going to use that to his advantage. he campaigned in virginia yesterday. this morning, romney starts in wisconsin and moves to ohio. "the new york times" reporting the romney campaign is making a serious play for pennsylvania last minute appearance there sunday, polls now show president obama's edge in pennsylvania is narrowing. will the jobs report give either any massive boost? that's unclear. experts s
Oct 29, 2012 4:30am PDT
coast as millions brace for hurricane sandy and a possible superstorm. you are looking at a live picture from the jersey coast. big waves, a lot more on sandy, coming up. >>> welcome back. here's a look at sandy and the wet weather from d.c. to virginia beach, delmarva peninsula, philadelphia it is going to be as good as advertising unprecedented storm hits the northeast today through next couple of days. if you are heading that way, thousands of flights cancelled from now through wednesday. more news from eric. >>> 4:43. crowd of die-hard fans traveled to detroit to watch the giants sweep the tigers. wayne freedman was among the fans who flew to comerica park. >> do you believe this? >> no, it is still i'm in a dream state out of respect for detroit fans i didn't want to jump up and down in my seat. >> sweep is the same anywhere. i was in texas with a panda hat on my head, come on. >> the giants fans in comerica park watched in temperatures in the 30s. they say it was worth it. >>> let's see how your commute is going. >>> good morning. fog is the factor this morning. it comes up quickly
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5